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DWSQPhx.jpg (54225 bytes)Since its founding in 1990, the Desert Wind Saxophone Quartet has treated audiences throughout the Phoenix area to a wide variety of music.  They are committed to the promotion of the saxophone quartet as a viable chamber ensemble, with particular emphasis on the performance of original saxophone works.  Their extensive repertoire encompasses a wide range of music, from Baroque, Jazz and Popular music, to modern chamber literature, as well as original saxophone works that have appeared since the instrument's invention by Adolphe Sax in 1841.  Since saxophone quartet literature is not widely known, they sometimes turn to arrangements and transcriptions in order to supplement their repertoire.

The musical philosophy of this ensemble is to bring the very popular saxophone into a new light.  By demonstration the great versatility of the instrument, the Desert Wind Saxophone Quartet hopes to broaden its audiences' perception, appreciation, and understanding of the saxophone through high quality performances that reflect the diversity of both the group and the instrument.



Appearance at Bank One Ballpark

August 3, 2005