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Saxophone Quartet

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Sun Village
Monday, January 5, 2004, 7:00 PM
Fascinating Rhythm                                                       George Gershwin
                                                                  arranged by Lennie Niehaus
It's Only A Paper Moon                                                        Harold Arden
                                                            arranged by Mike Wojciechowicz
When I'm 64                                              John Lennon & Paul McCartney
                                                                     arranged by Ramon Ricker
St. Louis Blues                                                                    W.C. Handy
                                                                     arranged by Bill Holcombe
12th St. Rag                                                                  Euday Bowman
                                                                   arranged by Jari Villanueva
Serenata Espaņola                                                           Joaquin Malats
                                                                  arranged by Michael Warner
Jumpin' At The Woodside                                                      Count Basie
                                                                   arranged by Jerry Robinson
Have You Met Miss Jones?                                               Richard Rodgers
                                                                  arranged by Lennie Niehaus
Falconer Street                                                                  Russ Carere
Ashokan Farewell                                                                   Jay Ungar
                                                            arranged by Mike Wojciechowicz
My Funny Valentine                                                        Richard Rodgers
                                                                    arranged by Bob Freedman
Dill Pickles (Rag)                                                         Charles L. Johnson
                                                            arranged by Mike Wojciechowicz
Taking A Chance On Love                                                    Vernon Duke
                                                                  arranged by Lennie Niehaus
Forget                                                                          Lennie Niehaus
Tiger Rag                                                        arranged by Bill Holcombe
Beer Barrel Polka                                                     Brown/Timm/Vejvoda
                                                            arranged by Mike Wojciechowicz
Body and Soul                                                          Green/Heyman/Sour
                                                                   arranged by Frits Kessels Jr.
Chicago                                                                              Fred Fisher
                                                                         arranged by Paul Nagle
I Got Rhythm                                                                George Gershwin
                                                                          arranged by Hans Dillo
Irish Washerwoman                                            arranged by Chuck Hitmar