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Saxophone Quartet

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West Valley Art Museum
Thursday, January 22, 2004, 7:00 PM
Fascinating Rhythm                                                                 George Gershwin
                                                                            arranged by Lennie Niehaus
Falconer Street                                                                            Russ Carere
Milonga del Angel                                                                       Astor Piazzolla
                                                                            arranged by Michael Warner
Strike Up The Band                                                                 George Gershwin
                                                                               arranged by Bill Holcombe
My Funny Valentine                                                                  Richard Rodgers
                                                                             arranged by Bob Freedman
Have You Met Miss Jones?                                                         Richard Rodgers
                                                                             arranged by Lennie Niehaus
Michelangelo 70                                                                         Astor Piazzolla
                                                                     arranged by Francesco Venerucci
Dill Pickles (Rag)                                                                   Charles L. Johnson
                                                                      arranged by Mike Wojciechowicz
Bach's Fireworks Music (1980)                                                     Calvin Hampton
Indiana                                                                                      James Hanley
                                                                                arranged by Bill Holcombe
Serenata Espaņola                                                                     Joaquin Malats
                                                                            arranged by Michael Warner
Blue Monk                                                                              Thelonious Monk
                                                                         arranged by Frank Reinshagen
Pulsacion 2                                                                               Astor Piazzolla
                                                                    arranged by Francesco Venerucci
Dukes Moods                                                                             Duke Ellington
                                                                              arranged by Chuck Hitmar
I Got Rhythm                                                                         George Gershwin
                                                                                   arranged by Hans Dillo
Jumpin' At The Woodside                                                                Count Basie
                                                                             arranged by Jerry Robinson